Are you Naming your Small Business Idea for a Successful Online Presence?

Naming your small business “big idea” these days perhaps isn’t as easy as you thought or hoped it would be. In this day and age you have to not only think of a name that works for your business but also one where top domain names and social media usernames are available.


So even though you thought of a name along with your small business idea, the .com domain isn’t available and neither is the Twitter handle! Now you have to think of a new name. And its no trivial task! So how do you get going?


Read this great article on mashable.com titled “16 Tips for Picking the Perfect Start-up Name” by Cezary Pietrzak, a New York-based creative marketer and growth strategist. It will help you brainstorm methodically for name ideas around root words and word permutations.


While brainstorming is fun, coming up with a name that is both creative and operational online, is not. That process often ends up being iterative, tedious and frustrating. You come up with name ideas and then need to check multiple websites for availability.


Three great online resources can help alleviate some of the grunt. These are namevine.com, knowem.com and namecheck.com. These sites will check availability of domain names, social media usernames and the latter two will even run trademark checks – all in a single search. Panabee.com, in addition, helps you look up synonyms, translations, phonetic variations and related terms. It also performs a very useful Google, Tweet and Wikipedia search. So make sure there isn’t anything major out there that may steal your “SEO thunder”.


Alright! You have now painstakingly come up with a cute little name you love and one that works online. Go ahead buy your domain name and set up your social media accounts. Remember to research the popular domain name providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, 1&1 and iPage before spending any money as most will give you a domain name with a website hosting package free for a limited period of time.


Happy naming your business for an online presence! If you have named your business successfully and have used additional resources we would love to hear about it.


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