Five Incredibly Useful Free Services for Small and Medium Businesses. Are You Using Them?

Read on to see which of these five incredibly useful free services could help your small or medium business without spending a cent!

#1: PayPal

PayPal The PayPal Payments Standard account (with no set-up or monthly fee) should be a mandatory sign-up these days to enable your small or medium business to get paid easily and securely. You can accept credit cards online (sales or invoicing) or even order the free PayPal Here credit card reader (and download the PayPal Here Phone app) for in-person payment. Note: There is a nominal charge per transaction but that gets deducted from monies coming in so still no outbound expenses.

#2: FreshBooks


FreshBooksTime/expense tracking and invoicing is made really easy with FreshBooks! This cloud accounting platform allows for a free account as long as you have three clients or less. My favorite feature is the recurring invoicing feature and the ability for clients to pay online (PayPal or other gateway is needed). And I really love the FreshBooks iPhone app which helps you keep track of time and expenses as you incur it (so no more mental notes!). Finally, I have to say that their customer service super nice and helpful – even for the folks using the free level of their service.

#3: Google Voice

Google VoiceAs a small or medium business if you need a phone number that is different from your personal phone number then check out Google Voice. It’s available in the US only and offers free nation-wide calling (international rates are really low). You can select a number in your desired area code and can route your calls to your current mobile phone number. Plus the Google Voice iPhone app lets you dial out and SMS using your Google Voice number instead of your iPhone phone number.  So convenient! You can also see other cool new features.

#4: MailChimp


MailChimpMailChimp should be a must-have email marketing tool in the arsenal of every small or medium business. If you are without an email newsletter sign-up form on your website, you are really missing out on an engagement opportunity with your website visitors (even if you have social media). MailChimp offers an easy to use interface to send emails and in addition the option of email sign-up forms embedded on your own website. Their “Forever Free” option for less than 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month makes this a very compelling choice. The MailChimp iPhone app lets you manage lists and view reports on the go.

#5: HootSuite

HootSuiteHootSuite is a social media management tool that lets you add up to five social profiles free of charge. You can add not only Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ but a whole host of additional platform profiles. My favorite feature is the ability to schedule social media posts in the future. So as a small or medium business owner pressed for time, set your social posts on auto-pilot by planning and scheduling them for the entire week. The HootSuite iPhone app is convenient but offers limited social profiles addition.


So what are you waiting for – go ahead and leverage these services right now for free if you are not already! And share this with your friends and family that this may help.