Five Incredibly Useful Free Services for Small and Medium Businesses. Are You Using Them?

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Read on to see which of these five incredibly useful free services could help your small or medium business without spending a cent! #1: PayPal The PayPal Payments Standard account (with no set-up or monthly fee) should be a mandatory sign-up these days to enable your small or medium business to get paid easily and [...]

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Are You Having As Much Fun With Your Email Marketing Campaigns As You Do At A Christmas Party?

You have decided you’ll start using email marketing for your small or medium-sized business or non-profit but you’re not sure how to go about it. We look at how fundamentals of personal social interaction works even in the context of an email marketing campaign.   So think of your email marketing campaign as if it [...]

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Are you Naming your Small Business Idea for a Successful Online Presence?

Naming your small business “big idea” these days perhaps isn’t as easy as you thought or hoped it would be. In this day and age you have to not only think of a name that works for your business but also one where top domain names and social media usernames are available.   So even [...]

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