Social Media

Social Media Set-up


With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest Google+ and more what is the right place for your small business to participate? It depends on the nature of your business and importantly, the resources (internal or external) you have at your disposal to manage all your presence. So if you are a restaurant a Foursquare presence may work for you. However if you are a clothing boutique then a Pinterest account would likely be a better place to showcase your offerings. We work with you to understand your business, your goals and your resource availability and then not only recommend which social networks makes sense for you to participate in but help you set it up. We’ll create the selected social media accounts, brand it for you using your logo and imagery that would resonate with your customers and then help you to promote it to grow your followers. Is that it? Not at all. We finally train you how to leverage it on an ongoing basis after the initial set up.


Ongoing Managed Services


Setting up a social media presence is the easy part but making regular engaging content updates is a whole another thing. The success of an effective social media presence is based on regularly posting targeted, relevant and engaging content so that your social media followers get value out of support your social media presence and you are able to nurture positive customer relationships into repeat purchase opportunities. We offer managed services for your social media presence on an ongoing basis. This includes working with you to create content, monitor your social media networks for follower feedback and respond to the feedback, effectively. We can also set up HootSuite or Vertical Response Social Media Platform and train you on how to manage and monitor if you prefer that.

Social Media Advertising Services


From Facebook ads, promoted Tweets, to Foursquare specials and more, we can help you run your advertising campaigns. We understand small businesses have limited advertising funds (we are a small business ourselves!). So based on your business type, your social media presence and your advertising budget we will help you determine which network to advertise on, create multiple ads, targeted the right audience based on location, demographics, interests and other options provided by various social networks to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.