Domain Name & Hosting Set-up


A domain name is your website address, like www.YourBusinessName.com and think of a  host as the company that provides “the computer” your website “lives” on. If you already have these established then, skip over to the next section. If not, we’ll help research names, purchase it and set up hosting – all in your name so you always keep complete control! We work with various service providers such as GoDaddyBluehostHostgator1&1iPage or we can use a service provider of your choice.

Content Management System Set-up


Again, so many options so little time. What do you want your website to do. You can use blogging platforms (WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr, Blogger), DIY platforms (Web.com, Intuit, Zoho, Google Sites, GoDaddy, VistaPrint to name a few), Open Source platforms (Drupal or Joomla)  and move up the ladder from there in terms of features and costs.


Web Design Services

7 out of the 10 times small business owners love one of the pre-existing build-in free templates that come with their CMS platform (like this website). When free templates don’t cut it, we help you select and purchase a pre-built custom template. And if that doesn’t float your boat, we will work with you to build a completely custom look for you.


Website Managed Services


Most websites get old a month after launch. And the average shelf-life of a website design is two years (or less depending on your business). With this service we will keep your website fresh and content updated and ensure, with your support, that your website is living and breathing as it ought to be.